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Sheryl's Profile

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Customers rated Sheryl 5 out of 5 based on 1,118 reviews

Classy fashion blogger and model exploring her dark fantasies
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Vacay soon

Sep 4th @ 2:47pm EDT

Hello my dear lovers, friends and slaves... I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving soon in vacation 10 september to 17..because Its my bday on the 11 so I booked a Greece trip...I will try to get online for 1 or 2 hours on the 11 of September as I promised to you


hey sweeties

Aug 17th @ 12:35pm EDT

Hello to all my super friends! As u can see i am back from my holidays after almost 2 months..oh it is so wierd to be back home..i got used to Italy...I hope time will pass fast so i can leave again in like 2 or 3 months..maybe London next time for 1 or 2 months...But till then u will see me here horny as usual hehe

Very busy...

Jul 6th @ 4:43pm EDT

Hello to all my friends...I must apologize for leaving without saying anything....As u know,I left for Italy and I will stay here all the summer,so my last days were very busy with packing,making plans etc etc...Once I got here,I was very busy and tired plus I had to get used with this new life hehehe:).All my plans went well so I will start work again soon.Italy is amazing and I am so happy I moved here! Everything is perfect and I am very happy! I love you! Hehe!!! Kisses

what a weekend!

Dec 16th @ 4:08am EST

Hey guys, it is early Sunday morning and I'm feeling good! Actually I'm feeling very good, muaahhh! Last night I was out with friends for clubbing, and we had a lot of fun. Met some very interesting people, and I guess some of them (mostly the boyz, hehe) won't forget that night! My friends called me the queen of the dance floor, and I think my sexy outfit made the guys hot and obviously horny. Some of them wanted to take me right there, hehe (even a cute little girl asked me!), and one of the boys even wanted to go to Vegas with me and marry me, lol! Uuh, I can tell you, it feels so good to be the center of attention, and I really enjoyed every moment! Had some slow days here, lately, but this weekend wasn't slow at all, neither in here nor in the club! Now it's time to have a little rest, but i will be back online tonight again, for sure, and I hope you will join me to say hi and to share the fun with me! Oh, and for those who missed me lately: why not join my fan-club? You'll find a lot of (s)exclusive pictures and also a new video to enjoy while I'm not online!
Kisses to all, Sheryl

new pics, for fans only

Dec 15th @ 7:21am EST

Hey boys, i've just posted 20 new hot and sexy pics, exclusively for my fan's eyes only!

on the top again!

Oct 22nd @ 5:01pm EDT

Hi guys, thanks for all the gifts, boosts and especially for the shows and the tips! I really enjoyed every minute with my sweet boys, and I'm sure you do like it too! It would be very kind of you to write some nice reviews about your experiences with me, you surely know how much I appreciate the compliments you are about to give me there! While I'm not online please feel free to visit my fan-club page, take a look at my pics and videos and tell me what you think about, I gladly accept any suggestions for improvement. I always want to please my real fans and give them something back for their loyalty and their support.

Kisses to all, Sheryl

To my obedient slaves: Of course I don't need to say thanks to u, actually, because I will always be on top for u, anyways, hehe ... but of course u have to continue with ur good work in order to keep ur Mistress satisfied and to earn the privilege of being a proud member of My stable! As a well trained individual u should know what ur job is, so You better get to work now - and I mean NOW!

doing better

Oct 4th @ 4:20pm EDT

Hey there, my sweet boys! Oh my god, I'm so glad that I survived last week! I felt so bad and had so many terrible days lately, what could go wrong did go wrong and I had to deal with so many problems, one could think that all my luck has gone ... but I think I finally see the light at the end of that tunnell. I would like to say big thanks to all those nice guys who wished me luck, and I also would like to apologize to everyone who was hoping to have fun with me but got disappointed because I didn't show up. I really didn't want to neglect my fans, you know how much I care about you and you can imagine how bad I felt when not being able to be with you!I promise to be there more often again ... Uuh, imagine how much I missed those erotic conversations and the beautiful feeling of being admired and desired by you, my sweet friends ... the excitement you always give me when you are telling me how horny you are ... the flashes of arousal that rush through my nerves when I put my sexy outfits on and prepare my toys ... so, I'm ready to play again! Who wants to see my toys, or (even better, hehe) become my toy? Log in and check often, can't wait to see you all again!
Kisses to all, Sheryl

busy days last week

Sep 26th @ 4:49pm EDT

Hey guys! Wow, what a busy week! I wished I could spend more time with my beloved friends, I really missed the fun I always used to have with you! But as you all know, even a goddess has a private life outside of virtual world ... those who know me well will understand. I think I should appologize to all the hot guys who missed me lately (missed me hard, literally, I hope, hehe)! Oh my god, I'm getting so horny now again, only from writing down these naughty words. Imagining you sitting there (or kneeling, if I tell you to do so ...), me presenting my most precious goods, you feeling your blood flow down from brain to the center of your body, muaahh - hmmm, oh yes, that's what I missed the most: the knowledge of you getting hot and horny when watching me, admiring me, desiring me, wanting me. The more of you guys are enjoying me, the hotter i get, so please step by whenever I'm on - you won't regret, that's a promise! For those who don't know me yet (if there are any of them at all, haha) I always recommend to study my bio, look at my pics and read the reviews to get an idea of my varied talents and an impression of what I love. Can't wait to see you in my room!
Kisses to all, Sheryl

back and ready for all kind of nasty games

Sep 15th @ 7:34am EDT

Hey guys! I'm back from birthday break now and ready to have some fun again! First of all I'd like to say thanks to everybody who sent me their best wishes - it's always a big pleasure to know that you care, and i really would like to show my thankfulness to you! Those who missed my birthday lately are welcomed too, ofc - may be next year they will remember this special day, after seeing me today, hehe! You certainly know how much i like to be your naughty girl, your kinky lover or your demanding mistress, and i can't wait to see all of you in my room again - so get ready to join the fun today! I have a lot of sexy ideas about what to do with you, and I'm getting wet already by the thaught of making You cum for me. My kitty needs it hard and long, my hard nipples ache for being carressed and kissed, I want to wrap my legs around a man's muscular body and feel the warmth of his breath all over my skin! So you better get ready and come to worship your sex goddess - I really need it now, muaahh !
Kisses to all, Sheryl

feels great to be MOW

Sep 9th @ 3:02am EDT

Hey guys ! Thanks to all who helped me to get MOW! That means "Model Of the Week", but some could also say "MOW = Mistress Of the Week", hehe - you know how much I enjoy to make you mine! It feels so good to have a willing slave at my feet (or under them, haha), and I know they feel good too when I allow them to admire me! I wouldn't want to be arrogant, but sometimes I really feel like the "Master Of the World" (another meaning of MOW, lol), having the power to make you crawl and beg, controlling your senses with just a few words, or with a glimpse of the most precious parts of my perfect body. Muaah, there's nothing better than that feeling, and I'm getting wet and horny from the rushes of power that flow through my nerves ... after more than six years of presence here I still enjoy every minute I can share with my willing slaves, but also with my loyal fans, my caring friends, and especially with my most precious lovers! Chatting and playing with so many interesting people is the biggest fun I can imagine, and getting to know new people every day is giving me the real thrill! Oh, btw, as anyone should know, it's my birthday soon, and I will be very happy if you surprise me with a little gift ... check my wishlist if you wanna please me!

Kisses to all, Sheryl

great time on flirt

Aug 31st @ 7:04pm EDT

Hello guys ! Wow, what a week ! Was so good to be back online, meeting (almost) all of my old friends! A special thanks goes to the ones who supported me by joining my fanclub - hot kisses to them! As you certainly all know, I was celebrating the 6th anniversary of my appearance on this site last week, and the compliments you made were amazing and made me very happy. I must admit that I'm still getting horny like hell when I'm lookimg back on all the shows and parties I had. You guys made me cum so hard and so often, I wished it would never end! As it is labor day weekend ahead now, I tink I know what to do during those days : I will stay in my room, and since it's stormy outside, I wish to feel the storm inside too - but this will be another kind of storm, a more pleasant one! Oh my god I'm in the mood for some kinky games, I want to tease you, please you, satisfy your deepest desires, fulfill your wildest dreams. I want to be your horny lover or your vicious bitch, your kinky teacher or your naughty student, your sophisticated secretary or your demanding boss! Let's play and have fun together, I'll be there for you ...
Kisses to all, Sheryl

Come to celebrate with me!

Aug 24th @ 1:29pm EDT

Hello guys ! After being away for three weeks, I really enjoyed being back online recently, and I'd like to say thanks to all my friends who celebrated my return and supported me ! But, party hasn't ended yet, guys, and I would like to see you all again in my room soon! After such a long time of absence, I really need to have fun. I'm getting so hot and wet again by just thinking of last nights ! Muaahh, I'm in such a playful mood, and I know you want to be part of the game too, don't you ? Oh, and there's another reason to celebrate: TODAY IT'S FLIRT ANNIVERSARY FOR ME, SIX YEARS AGO I FIRST STARTED TO PERFORM ON FLIRT4FREE! So please don't be shy and join me tonight to share the fun with me ! We can play any kind of game, be assured! I'm ready to fulfill all sorts of kinky wishes, cause mostly they are mine too. Tell me about your fantasies, and especially about your fetishes - I'm sure we will find a match ! Those who know me already will confirm, those who don't should read my bio to see what I mean. I know there were a lot of old friends to say welcome back to me, but some of you guys still didn't. Tonight is your chance to show how much you were missing me, would be great to have you in my room and chat with you. Kisses to all, Sheryl.

Last 5 days online

Jul 27th @ 3:42pm EDT

Hello my horny sweet boys.I just wanted to let u know that these are my last 5 days online before i will take a break of 3 weeks...I want to see everybody in my room having fun with me :) Kises


Jul 19th @ 9:45am EDT

Hello everybody! i am back online for 10 days:)

Merry Christmas

Dec 24th @ 3:52pm EST

Hello to all my fans!!!! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas :) I hope Santa will bring you all that you wish. Thank you so much for all the gifts you ordered for me!!! I got tones of emails with order processing from my wishlist. I am so impressed and happy at the same time. I will be off for 2 days, celebrating Xmas and I will come back Monday or Tuesday. Muah


Nov 30th @ 3:00pm EST

OMG guys you made me so happy these days..Thank you so much for helping me win the promo.Doggy you are the biggest fan ever!!!! thank you so much to everybody..You made my week hehe.
I also wanna thank to Benny and Star for the gifts they sent me...Both boxes arrived in the same day and I was so impressed to see how giant they were LOL.I had to ask somebody to help me carrying them home. Inside I found all the items that I wished .I love you guys

Another relaxing day

Nov 23rd @ 5:16pm EST

I had another relaxing day at SPA....Great day for swiming ,saunas,and jacuzzi...uh I feel so spoiled and so horny...I will logg in in a bit and I hope yu will come to see me and make me feel good

Relaxing :)

Nov 18th @ 9:24am EST

Hello to all my lovers,friends and slaves:) Yesterday I decided to take the day off and went to the spa to get a massage , a treatment for face and new pedicure. It was very good and relaxing. I hope you missed me and you can't wait to see me again. Slaves I hope you been loyal and didn't do anything against Mistress rules. I will be on later today after I finish with the lab. See ya

tech problems

Sep 8th @ 11:03pm EDT

I am sorry for the past days guys.... I know i have been in and out...but i am working from mac and with wireless....i must buy new PC...but since then I will have to use the laptop..better then nothing:)
I know you would like to see me having longer shifts and without breaks but pls wait a bit until i get my new PC

Birthday coming soon

Sep 7th @ 1:33pm EDT

My Birthday is coming soon yeppeeeee yeppeeeeeee!!!!!!! 3 more days to go :P

I hope I will have enough time to be here sunday to celebrate this wonderful day.

I invite all my friends to my birthday party....I will have many many cookies,chmapagne and and and many surprises. Do not miss the party

I update my wishlist aswell,so if u want to make a surprise for me u can go to my bio and see my wishlist. `i love receiving gifts :D

Kisses and hugs :))) SHERYL

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